Sports Center Kienbaum

The Federal performance centre Kienbaum is situated in the sector of the municipality Kienbaum, about 35km east of Berlin. Existing houses and buildings were used as a recreation park since 17th September 1949.

Already since 1951 the facility was used by athletes as a recreation place. On 24th June 1952 the whole real estate was officially given to the competitive sports as training facilities. At first it was only the natural conditions of the magnificent scenic location that made the training possible, but in the following decades the sports facilities were extended more and more. Training facilities that offer the best conditions for a lot of sports today developed.

Between 1952 and 1990 the sports facilities were under the administration of the German gymnastics and sports union (DTSB) of the GDR. After the reunion of both German states the utilization of the complex for the training of competitive sports could be secured. Today responsible for the sports operation and also the catering is the "Trägerverein Bundesleistungszentrum Kienbaum e.V." . They coached a part of the German competitive athletes in preparation for the Olympic Games in Barcelona, Atlanta, Sydney and Athens.

The association will also meet these purposes in the future. Therefore the sports centre Kienbaum received in1997 the status as a Federal performance centre ("Bundesleistungszentrum" (BLZ)). Since 1998, in arrangement with the Federal authorities, German Sports Union and the association, they started to redevelop the sports facilities and buildings step by step and build new facilities. With that the good training conditions for athletes here remain and will be extended in the future.

In 2000 5 pavilions summary with 58 double rooms were newly built and meet modern requirements of a hotel facility. Last year the new three-field ball sports complex including a conference area and the sports medicine was finished, and in April 2002 the urgently needed athlete's hostel could be handed over to its destination after a short time of reconstruction. In 2003 the canoe centre, the boat house, a new body building room and the new Finnish Sauna were built.