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  • why for short people rotation is better in your opinion

    • from what I understand you need to have a big standing throw to be a good glide. All been discussed before. So the extra height gives you extra standing throw length whereas rotation you rely on speed.

    • thanks for your valuable just a beginer. now am throwing 12 meters on standing position with 7.2kg shot.i started training before 2 months,i am now 28 years old and my height is 5 feet 9 inch and my body weight is 90kg also,my goal is to reach 15 meters within two year .in your openion is it possible,i hope you will check this message.

    • anything is possible if you train. Check out Myelin video

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      how old are you? any chance you have any growing anymore? I am no expert but it is definitely a disadvantage

    • i am 28 year old now

    • @ prasobh sasankan, I completely agree with sam, anything is possible but starting throw at 28 , man! you are in a disadvantage