Christina Schwanitz and David Storl inspire Bieberach

Christina Schwanitz and David Storl delivered quite a show at the Bieberacher competition on the marketplace. Schwanitz threw the 4kg ball to 20.60m, which is the second longest throw in her career. World Champion David Storl was rather tired from Lausanne and did "only" throw 21.84m.

Christina Schwanitz is in an outstanding form - and that after she had skipped the winter season as a consequences of a knee surgery. Or was that maybe the right move which puts her in such a great shape?

The European Champion Schwanitz highlighted the evening and underlined her great shape with three throws beyond the 20m mark. The 2,200 spectators were were amazed. Christina enjoyed the atmosphere a lot and got pushed by the audience. During the 5th round, the 29-year old reached 20.60m. Only once in her lifetime she had tossed the 4kg ball further. At the meeting in Beijing, China in May (20.77m)

Take the excitement to Beijing

In "Bird's Nest" in Beijing, the world championships are held (August 22 to 30). Given her strong performance Christina has growing hopes for the gold medal, especially since the defending champion and Olympic champion Valerie Adams is not yet in top form again. The New Zealander, however is most likely back in top shape at the world championships. She will come back to her form and be ready to fight for the gold medal.

Christina Schwanitz stays focused. "I need to toss the ball again to that distance." The European Champion Christina, would like it very much to bring the audience of Bieberach with her to the Far East. "The atmosphere was just great," she explained. With the help of the Olympic champion Astrid Kumbernuss the audience did laola waves for Christina.

The Chinese shot putter Yang Gao placed second with 18.64m, followed by her compatriot Tinqian Gua 17.44 and Josephine Terlecke 17.22m

This time, 21.84m for David Storl

David Storl's first competition after his incredible 22m toss at the recent Diamond League meeting in Lausanne, was today in Bieberach. This time it was not enough for to let the 7.26kg ball fly beyond the 22m. During his last attempt he threw the ball 21.84m.

"It was a bit slow going on today. After the competition in Lausanne, I did not fell as fit as hoped," said the world champion David Storl. At the next competition at the Diamond League meeting in Monaco (Monte Carlo) next Friday, David Storl wants to push the implement once again over the 22m mark. After that, only a meeting in Gotha, Germany (19th of July) and the German national championships (24th-26th of July) are planned before the upcoming world championships in Beijing, China.

The Olympic champion Tomasz Majewski from Poland, placed second with 20.18m, followed by the German shot putter Tobias Dahm 19.65m.

Source: by Ewald Walker and Jan-Henner Reitze