Surprised Gold for Kacper Oleszczuk at U23 European Champeanships (82.29m)

The men's shot put and javelin medalist at the U23 European Championships are decided as well. The Croation Filip Mihaljevic, who was also best during the qualification, won the competition with his last attempt of 19.35m and Kacper Oleszczuk the men's javelin event with a new personal best of 82.29m.

A big surprise in the men's javelin event. The favorite Johannes Vetter, who has a big season best of 85.40m did not win any medal at all. He ended up placing on the thankless 4th place. The Polish javelin thrower Kacper Oleszczuk improved his previous best by 5m to win the U23 European Championship's gold medal.

Maksym Bohdan, being one of the favorites for a medal, opened the competition with strong 80.08m to take the lead until the massive new personal best of Kacper Oleszczuk surpassed him. His throw was 5m above his previous personal best and was measured 82.29m. Johannes Vetter, the one with the biggest distance on paper improved in round 2, getting close to the 8m mark. He was then ranked 3rd to get the bronze medal. Julian Weber also improved to 79.31m in round 2 placing 4th up till then.

During the 3rd and 4th round no changes happened because none of the throwers improved anymore. In round 5 Maksym Bohdan threw 81.08m to secure his silver medal for now. The German Bernhard Seifer, who was in 4th place until the last attempt, surpassed Johannes Vetter by going beyond the 80m mark in his final throw, which was measured 80.57m

1. Kacper Oleszczuk 82.29m (PB)

2. Maksym Bohdan 81.08m

3. Bernhard Seifert 80.57m (SB)

The qualification of the men's shot put event was quite dissapointing having only one thrower over the automatic qualification performance. Filip Mihaljevic was the only one capable of throwing above 19.10m. During the final it seemed he had more trouble to reproduce his qualification distance. Until the very end Bob Bertemens from Luxembourg was leading the event.

After he first round the German Dennis Lewke was leading the competition with 18.80m which he improved even to 18.91m in round 2. Bob Bertemes just took the lead with his 2nd attempt of 18.98m. Mesaud Pezer took over the lead in round 3 with the same distance but having the better 2nd attempt of 18.85m. Filip Mihaljevic fouled round 1 and 3 and did not play a major role for the medals until the very end. Andrzej Regin took over the lead with his 5th round toss of 19.08m, being the first over 19m. Bob Bertemes responded quickly with his best effort of 19.29m to take back the lead. In the very last round Filip Mihaljevic surpasses everyone and won the gold medal with 19.35m.

1. Filip Mihaljevic 19.35m

2. Bob Bertemes 19.29m

3. Andrzej Regin 19.08m (PB)