Dmitriy Tarabin throws a huge lifetime best

Dmitriy Tarabin, now 19 years old,  (RUS   ) threw a huge lifetime best of 85.10m at the Russian U23 Championships. His previous best was 82.86m since 12 June.

Tarabin has been "bolting" for the past 4 years. In 2007 he threw just 55.18m, then rewrote the record books of Moldova in 2008 when he broke the junior javelin record with a throw of 67.39m. In 2009 he threw 69.63m,  in 2010 he threw 77.65m and now, in 2011, 85.10m.

In 2010 he won bronze at the World Junior Championships in Canada with 76.42m.

Dmitriy Tarabin was born in Moldova and represented Moldova until 9 Jun 2010 when he took the Russian citizenship.