Storl in Lausanne with a 22.20 ( 72' 10") bomb!

Today seems to be the day of surprises, or maybe not? First Sandra Perkovic was beaten by Yaimi Perez in the discus thrower , and now David Storl is finally going beyond the 22m mark!! He tossed the 7.26kg ball to 22.20m (72' 10"). Joe Kovacs placed 2nd with 21.71m (71' 2¾") and Reese Hoffa 3rd with 21.30m (69' 10¾"). Now Storl is one of the throwers being able to go beyond the 22m mark.

Finally, the German shot put double World Champion has achieved his goal of going beyond the 22m with the 7.26kg ball. He had this goal in sight for quite some time now and was even angry not achieving it during the past competitions he had with monster throws of 21.92m and 21.94m. But today his goal was achieved with a monster toss of 22.20m, beating Kovacs and Hoffa. About six weeks before the upcoming world championships David Storl is showing his great shape.

David Storl won the Lausanne Diamond League meeting with a bang. His coach recently stated clearly that he wants to get two gold medals for his training squad. Christina Schwanitz who recently beat Valerie Adams and broke her winning streak, and obviously David Storl. Storl improved his previous personal best of 21.97m, thrown last year in London, UK by 23 centimers.

Now World and European Champion Storl is the 3rd German shot putter, who ever got beyond the 22m mark. Only Olympic Champion Ulf Timmermann, who is holding the European Record of 23.06m, and Udo Beyer 22.64m have thrown further before. The American shot putter Randy Barnes tossed the 7.26kg ball even further 25 years ago, and produced a world record of 23.12m.

Usually David is going to peak at the main event of the year, going 20-40cm over his previous season best. What can we expect of him in Beijing? Will there anyone be able to beat the double World Champion? Or will David become triple world champion?!

David Storl:

I am really happy to have been able to get over 22 meters and do my personal best here in Lausanne. Before my record throw I was quite concentrated and it was a fast throw. I am now going to going back to Germany for my next meet in Bieberach.

Joe Kovacs:

I'm 2nd today.... but await Beijing. The most difficult for us, Americans, is to make the US team. I made it, that is the most important. Some of the best shot putters won't be in Beijing for instance. The Diamond League is great but you have to choose your battles. For me, it is Beijing this year. You are never satisfied with 2nd place, but as I said, this is training for me, on the back of our national championships. Congratulations to David for his victory today.

Reese Hoffa:

I am very happy about this season best distance today. My season has not been going as I wanted it so far and I need to build some momentum. I am not sure what was different today, I did not like my warm up throws and yet somehow I was able to throw a season best. I am hoping I continue to improve because I need to be consistently over 21m.

Lausanne 2015: Men's Shot Put - Top 3

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