Surprised shot put gold for Viktoryia Kolb at U23 European Championships

This morning Throwholics announced the results of the shot put qualification at the European Athletics U23 Championships. Sara Gambetta who was the best during the qualification placed 3rd and takes the bronze medal home. Surprisingly Viktoryia Kolb snatched the gold medal with 17.47m from Shanice Craft 17.29m

During the qualification this morning Viktoryia Kolb produced in her second attempt 16.43m, an automatic qualification performance. But it seems that she had some other plans for tonight's final. She opened with a big throw of 17.02m the final and was leading the competition after the first round has finished. Shanice Craft, who won silver at the last U23 Championships, opened with 15.08m which was not as expected. And even Sara Gambetta, who had the best qualification performance fouled the first attempt.

Round two changed the order for the medals quite a bit. Shanice Craft improved to 17.19m putting her in gold position. Sara Gambetta tossed the 4kg ball to 16.68m to underline her ambition for the podium. Viktoryia Kolb fouled her second attempt and did not improve any further during her next rounds. The Swedish shot putter Fanny Roos beat Sara Gambetta's best attempt with 16.73m in round four to get a place on the podium. But Sara showed that she was still heading to a medal position with a new personal best of 16.99m, also in round 4. Shanice Craft did not improve any further, but underlined her gold medal ambition with another 17m toss. Four of the best attempts of the competition were achieved during the last round. The Belgian shot putter Jolien Boumkwo threw a new national record 16.47m. Anna Wloka from Poland also threw a seasonal best in her last attempt and threw the 4kg ball to 16.59m.

Viktoryia Kolb then snatched the gold medal with her European leading throw of 17.47m beating Shanice Craft's best attempt of 17.19m so far. Shanice was probably not very happy about it and tried her best to get back the 1st spot on the podium. She improved also during her last attempt, but not enough to get the gold medal. Her last attempt was 17.29m, roughly 50 centimeter below her personal best of 17.75m.

Viktoryai Kolb:
"I am very happy that I won the gold medal. I am very thankful to my coach who has helped me a lot. Before the competition I hoped for a good result. Winning gold with the last attempt with such a good result is very meaningful to me."

Shanice Craft:
"I am really happy about my silver medal because this morning I had a problem with one of my knee and I was not sure to be able to throw.
So I am really happy about my medal even if I did not beat my record and I want leave Tallinn with a second medal in discus throw."

Sara Gambetta:
I am a bit disappointed about my result because only 1 centimeter is missing to reach 17m.
But in the same time I am very happy about my medal and I think in an european championship, it's more important to get a medal than to make a good score.

The Medals:

1. Viktoryia Kolb 17.47m

2. Shanice Craft 17.29m

3. Sara Gambetta 16.99m