Sara Gambetta wins U23 European Championships qualification

Today the European Athletics Under 23 Championships 2015 has started. The first throwers who had to compete were the women shot putters. Sara Gambetta was the best with 16.71m. The automatic qualification performance for the final was set at 16.35m. Next to Gambetta three more women achieved this.

The women shot put event was the first competition for todays European Athletics U23 Championships. The women needed to throw 16.35m for the automatic qualification for the final. Four throwers have achieved this distance, with Sara Gambetta leading the field. Fanny Roos (16.59m), Viktoryia Kolb (16.43m) and Anna Wloka (16.43m) were the other three women who achieved the automatic standard.

Quite surprisingly, the best in the field on pape, Shanice Craft struggled to get into the top 8. She needed all three attemps to secure the spot under the top 8 for the final. The first toss was only 15.87m which is almost 2m below her personal best of 17.75m.

Next to the four automatic qualification performances, 8 throwers were selected for the final. The distance required in the end was 15.41m.

Sara Gambetta:

I have never thrown that far that early in the morning. But this time does not bother me because we often train at 09:30am. For the evening there will be a close medal decision. In Europe only Anna Rüh (who is not competing in the shot put) and Fanny Roos (17.05m) have thrown the 4kg ball further in 2015.

Shanice Craft:

I have not thrown that bad for a very long time. I was hampered by my extremely inflamed patella tendon in my right kneed. Especially when gliding within the circle the pain was immense. During the discus competition I will not face such problems because I'm doing turns which are not that much pain for my patella tendon.