Throwholics Throwers of the Month

Hello fellow Throwers,

Throwholics' team would like to announce that we are launching our "Throwers of the Month" award, with an award for each gender.

The suggestions and voting will take place in our social board: Throwers of the Month

We would like to get you folks involved with choosing the winner on the social discussion board.
The reason behind this award is that Throwholics would like to help recognize the effort and dedication that athletes put into their season to help themselves get through it. Because as we all know, without the correct mindset and the hours of time dedicated to training, none of the amazing performances would be possible. But we will need your help because we believe the community should vote alongside the Throwholics team.

In order to organize the Throwholics "Throwers of the Month", we do have some guidelines set up. Every month we will create a thread for the suggestions and the voting in our discussion board:

Throwholics Throwers of the Month: (e.g. July) Suggestions
Throwholics Throwers of the Month: (e.g. July) Vote

Below is the format in which we would like you to follow in your reply below. (Copy format if needed)

Name of the Thrower:
Month's best performance:
Rationale for the suggestions:

For example:

Name of the Thrower: Julius Yego
Discipline: Javelin
Month's best performance: 91.39m
Rationale for the suggestions: He has the longest throw since 2006
Anything else: You could also link videos of the performance from several video platforms by just copying the link below your suggestion.


  1. Starting at the 1st of each month the suggestions can be placed into the corresponding thread following the format above.

  2. The suggestions thread will automatically be closed at the end of each month

  3. A Throwholics team member will open a new thread including all suggested throwers for the poll.

  4. The poll will be closed automatically after one week

  5. The final winner will then be announced.


  • Unlimited suggestions for everyone, but please do each suggestions into a new post, following the format above

  • Each user will be able to vote for only one thrower per gender

  • All suggestions must be throwing related (decathlon/heptathlon are also allowed)

  • If you post a video link please only post 1 link per suggestion

  • A thrower cannot be crowned "Throwers of the Month" twice in a row, and hence the winner would then move on to the second most voted thrower.

Please also take into account that there will be a section that will be dedicated to archiving all past winners along with other accomplishments for anyone wanting to go back in time. You will find the crowned Throwers of the Month in our Wiki database.

Thank you to all that take part in the event.

It is because of our community we can continue to do what we love doing.

Thank you for reading

The Throwholics Team.

Throwholics Throwers of the Month

We wish you a lot of fun suggesting and voting later on and please make all the suggestions you think of to improve this process.

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