Robert Harting supports annual sport events at German schools (Petition)

In Germany there is currently a petition going on to eliminate the annual sport events for children and youth at German schools. Discus gold medalist Robert Harting (30) stands up for the preservation of the National Youth Games. Via the social networks Robert asks people to sign the petition "not abolish the National Youth Games.

The recent discussion about the annual sport events at German schools was getting a lot of attention due to the started petition to abolish the annual sport events. Manuela Schwesig startet the petition couple of days ago to support the kids who might feel humiliated by not winning at the sport events.

Robert Harting sees this petition as a win for the so called "Mc Donalds Lobby".

The owner of the petition against the petition has reasonable complaints about abolishing the annual sport events at German schools:

Jacqueline Bastian:

"It is not just a competition among students. It promotes discipline, ambition, team spirit, the whole social network, friendships are closed which did not exist before, and young talent can be discovered. It is here possible to inspire the children / young people to the sport!

"It promotes the overall health of the pupils."

"Of course, some are better, some worse, but it's like a math test to compare - Do we have to waive certain subjects because it is demotivating and humiliating for those who has underperformed?"

"Regardless of the health and physical condition, it is precisely at the present time important to convey ambition and fun for the sport for every child"

Via Facebook and Twitter Harting is now supporting the petition to keep the annual sport events which has been started today.

If you want to follow Robert Harting's request, please do so and sign the petition.