Comeback at Paris DL for Adams

At the Diamond League meeting in Paris (France) shot put Olympic champion Valerie Adams starts on Saturday (July 4th) in the season and faces, among others, Christina Schwanitz who is currently leading the 2015 world top list with impressive 20.77m.

Olympic champion Valerie Adams start has been delayed in the summer. It took longer than planned to clear-up the effects of her elbow injury. At her comeback Adams will face all three woman who tossed the ball beyond the 20m mark this season.

German Christina Schwanitz, who is looking forward to compete against Adams is leading the trio with 20.77m. The Chinese Lijiao Gong and US American Michelle Carter will also be there. It;s the first rehearsal of the World Championships in Beijing (China, August 22 to 30).

Gong tossed the 4kg ball 20.24m this season with Carter reaching 20.02m. US Americans Tia Brooks and Brittany Smith will also be in the Paris mix. The clash between these dynamic women will be very exciting. What will Adams be able to do at her comeback? Will she show the others who is the "boss" in the ring? Or will it be the first competition she is going to lose in a very long time?

DL Meeting Paris Shot put: Start List

Source: by Jan-Henner Reitze