John Maurins took WJL (21.90m/71' 10¼") at USATF Junior Championships

At the USA Junior Championships produced some excellent throws in the shot put ring, especially from John Maurins. While short lived, Maurins took the world lead with the 6kg ball. His 21,90m (71' 10¼") and surpassed the Polish shot putter Konrad Bukowiecki (who took the lead back the next day). 

His coach, Zebulon Sion shared with Throwholics:

"John has had an excellent season for a collegiate freshman and 18 year old shot putter. Adjusting to the 7.26kg ball from the US high school implement (5.44kg) can be difficult, but John handled it well. We only trained with the 6kg implement for 3.5 weeks so we were thrilled with the distance. In training, John had thrown 20,84m, 20,71m, and a handful of other 20m throws. I would love to know what John could do if our system allowed him to throw the junior ball more frequently."

John Maurins, born in 1996, did not throw the 6kg implement in until this season, throwing the standard (in USA) 12 lb. ball in 2014. His personal best with the 5.44kg implement stands at 20,52 m (67' 4¼"). With the senior shot Maurins has thrown 18,73m (61' 5½").

Coach Sion:

"What I've seen from John so far in his young career is that he competes very well at big meets. He threw a PB at our conference championships (ACC) during the indoor season as well as the outdoor championships where he threw 18,73m."

At the USA Junior Championships John surpassed every expectation with his massive throws. He opened the competition with a toss of 20,85m which was already a new personal best and would have meant already the 2nd in the world for the U20 age group. Only Konrad Bukowiecki has tossed the 6kg ball further to this point.Bukowiecki threw 21,42m (70' 3½") at the biggest throwing festival in the world in Halle, Germany.

Coach Sion:

"John improved in every facet of his training this year from his throwing technique to his strength levels. He came to me with a solid back squat (227.5kg/500 lb) and bench press (184kg/405 ln) but improved to 261.5kg/575 lb and 202.5kg/445 lb in less than a year. He also power cleaned 155kg/341 lb & power snatched 120kg/264 lb in his first year performing these lifts. While John's strength levels are impressive for someone his age, his speed and athleticism in the ring and ability to adjust to the technical changes I implemented allowed him to put together a monster throw this weekend."

But it seemed John was not really satisfied. Especially after Doton Ogundeji 20.67m (67' 9¾") and Willie Morrison 20.65m (67' 9") came close to John's first round toss. John fouled the second attempt, achieved 19.85m (65' 1½") during the third round and blasted a new world leading mark during the fourth round. The scoreboard showed 21.90m (71' 10¼") which meant the first place in the world for the U20 age group with the 6kg ball. Dotun and Willie both did not manage to throw any further and so the podium was set.


Zebulon R. Sion:

"I'm very proud of John and how my group, as a whole, has developed over the past four years. We have had success at the ACC, NCAA, and USATF competitions with John joining Jessie Merckle & Charlie Ionata in representing us at a high level at these big meets."

Zebulon R. Sion comment:

Charlie Ionata won the US Junior championship in the hammer last year and threw over 69.93m/229-5 at the World Junior Championships. Jessie Merckle also placed 7th at the 2015 NCAA National meet in the women's javelin with a mark of 53.29m/174-10.

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