World Class Throwing Results at BAUHAUS Junior Gala

The BAUHAUS Junior Gala is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, U20 Junior athletics competition in the world. The past years this competition was used to check upon the performance and shape of the young athletes before nominating them for U20 European oder World Championships. This years edition underlined once again the great throwing results by several athletes on world class level.

Henning Prüfer snatches meeting record in men's discus event

The weather was not the best throughout the entire competition yesterday. Henning Prüfer started with only 55.09m being very cautious for the still rain-soaked circle. During round two he produced a new meeting record of 63.76m and the victory for the competition. The U20 vice World Champion was not in danger for he victory and fulfilled his favourite role impressively. Behind Henning it was more exciting with the battle for the other U20 European Championships tickets. In the end the top three of the start list also ended up 2nd and 3rd behind Henning. Tony Zeuke threw 60.45m and Henning's younger brother Clemens was just short the 60m mark with his best throw measured 59.02m

Henning Prüfer. 

"I'm not satisfied," was the terse conclusion of Henning Prüfer. "The competition has been much too long - that's not for such a thick athletes like me," he joked with respect to the rain delay, which had delayed the start of the competition after the warm up throws. He has already thrown 65 meters this year, his coach Jörg Schulte credited him for even more and also forecasts for the other European Championships an increase ". All three of them will throw further at the European Championships.


Patrick Müller without trouble

According to the start list there was not competition for Patrick Müller. So openend the U18 World Champion Patrick Müller, who has tossed the 6kg ball to 20.69m already, with 20.16m The winning distance of 20.28m he popped out in the third round. All other attempts were fouls because Patrick could not stay within the circle.

Patrick Müller:

"The ring was too slow," said the Patrick müller, who wanted to toss 21m. "But I will make up for it at the European Championships," chuckled Patrick Müller. Toader Andrei Rares (Romania), the second of the Youth Olympic Games, came in round two to 19.89m and took the silver medal. Malte Doerner increased his personal best by 45 centimeters to 19.26m and can now look forward to a nomination for the U20 European Championships. Merten Howe became fourth with 18.57m and will most likely make the team for the European Championships.


Alexej Mikhailov in shape for the European Championships

Alexei Mikhailov has his perspective as a hot contender for the podium at U20 European Championship underlined - and picked up with the increase in the meeting record to 78.96m an extra applause. "The distance I had not really expected, because I felt very tired before the competition," said the German U20-record holder, the other day already catapulted the hammer at 79.96m. "It may be that I slept too long. Maybe it has been because of the nervousness, because it was similar in Eugene," the fourth of last year's U20 World Championship.

Alexej Mikhailov:

"In Eskilstuna I'll do my best and I hope that my father may coach me", said Alexei Mikhailov who now wants to train very hard. The British U20 record holder Taylor Campbell, the last weekend became English Youth champion, finished in Mannheim with 77.34m in second place, followed by Hilmar Örn Jonsson (Iceland, 76.31m).


Claudine Vita takes shot put gold

Claudine Vita had only three valid attempts throughout the entire competition. In the end 16.43m was the furthest toss measured. That was enough for an unchallenged success at the junior gala, but not to make the best young German-putter satisfied. "It was a very streaky competition. I would like to hit 17 meters." But the break in competition due to the rain was not very pleasent. Nevertheless, she is optimistic about the direction of U20 European Championship. "I'm in good shape and I know that I can throw 17 meters in Sweden. In discus, I then want to confirm the 60 meters." According to Claudine Vita two medals should be the result at the European Championships. The German trio for the shot put event will be completed by Alina Kenzel (16.13m) ad Sarah Schmidt (16.05m).


Claudine Vita dominates

In the very first attempt Claudine Vita showed no doubt about that she is currently the best-U20 discus thrower in the world. 57.04m would have been enough already for the victory. In the second round Claudine improved to 58.54 meters and set a new meeting record. "That's a good feeling, especially because I know that Shanice Craft has held the record previously. She is a big name in the discus throw. To snatch her record maked me proud."

That it did not work out with the hoped 60m throw was not such a big deal for Claudine. "My legs were a bit tired from the past competiions. The heat and the lack of wind did not make it easier." Still, she is confident that she will once again surpass the 60-meter mark in Eskilstuna. "Of course I feel a certain pressure to arrive as world best thrower. Therefore, a medal is my goal. But I have also learned that previous results are not everything. Everything can happen and there will certainly also athletes to be there, which will increase their personal bests." If Claudine Vita however, will be able to throw as far as her personal best it will be difficult for others to take the gold medal.


Source: by Silke Morrisey, Harald Koken