Konrad Bukowiecki smashed Polish Record and takes WJL 22.21m (72' 10½")

As already anounced earlier today, Konrad Bukowiecki at 69th Polish Junior Championships, Konrad Bukowiecki competed at the 69th Polish Junior Championships. Konrad Bukowiecki did not break the European (22.73m/74' 7") nor the World Record (23.00m/75' 5½") but he smashed the previous Polish record to 22.21m (72' 10½") during the qualification. Besides the Polish record he takes back the world leading position. 

Only a few days ago John Maurins improved his personal best and the world lead previously held by Konrad Bukowiecki to impressive 21.90m (71' 10¼"). He threw this massive bomb at the recent USATF Junior Championships in Eugene.  Unfortunately John is one year older that Konrad, hence they will not be able to compete against each other at next years U20 World Championships.

At the 69th Polish Junior Championships two groups were competing for the final in the evening. Konrad only needed his first round toss of 22.21m to take back the world lead and smashed easily the previous Polish record. There are only two throwers in the world who ever tossed the 6kg ball furhter than Konrad. No one less than two time World Champion David Storl. In 2009 he managed to throw a new world record of 22.73m (74' 7") which was four years later surpassed by Jacko Gill's 23.00m (75' 5½"). David Storl's toss is currently still the European Record but he lost the title for the world record.

The thing is that Konrad Bukowieckie was born in 1997 and still has 1 1/2 years to break the European and World record. During talks between Throwholics and Konrad Bukowieckie the goal of was clear. According to Konrad the world record will be broken for sure.

Today's final was quite impressive by Konrad Bukowiecki. He did not manage to improve his new world leading throw from this mornings qualification but still had an impressive series. He opened the competition with 21.93m (71' 11½") which would have already been a new world leading throw (not considering the qualification throw). He then fouled his second attempt, threw another impressive 21.09m in round three. During the fourth round Konrad shattered the 22m (72' 2¼") barrier with a massive bomb of 22.12m (72' 7"). His fifth round was then measured 21.87m (71' 9") and then fouled his last attempt. 

Congratulations to Konrad Bukowiecki for another world leading throw and a world class competition