Konrad Bukowiecki at 69th Polish Junior Championships

Today there are the 69th Polish Junior Championships. Konrad Bukowiecki is the one to look at. He won last the Polish Junior Championships title despite the fact that he still belonged to a younger age group (U18). Konrad Bukowiecki has achieved already some great results this year. He is the current second in the world with 21.42m. The championships record is set with 21.31m which is like to be broke today.

Konrad Bukowiecki also broke the indoor world record with the 6kg ball of David Storl. He tossed the ball 22.38m which is a new unofficial world record. During the open season he already improved his personal best to 22.06m. The European record is still set in stone by David Storl's toss of 22.73m. Until Jacko Gill came along this was also considered to be the world record. Jacko broke David's record with a massive toss of exactly 23.00m.

Now it is time to look out for Konrad who is in his first year of the U20 age group and has still 1 1/2 years time to break he European and World record. Throwholics wishes good luck for this goal.