Till Wöschler succeeds first 80m (262' 5") throw for four years

Javelin thrower Till Wöschler improved the stadium record with 80.41m in Bottrup and thus again surpassed for the first time since 2011 the 80m mark. Very heavy rain affected the competition at the open NRW championships for better results.

Katharina Molitor took before the last round a deep breath, blew out her cheeks - and catapulted the implement to 61.12m. With that throw Katharina took over the lead and no one could beat her in the end.

"I did not get into the competition easily and only the last attempt was rather a good one," said the Olympic sixth, who already achieved the qualification standard for the upcoming world championships at the European Winter Throwing Cup in Leira, Portugal. She threw 62.08m at this cup and fulfilled the standard. "I would like to get in the top 8 at the World Championships in Beijing, China", Katharina Molitor named her goal.

Her compatriot Linda Stahl has higher goals. "The World Championships medal is the only one in my colleciton I still lack", said the European Champion of 2010 and Olympic bronze medalist after her second place in Bottrop. The best throw was from the third round and measured only 60.31m. "The warm up throws were quite good, but then the rain started," contented the 29-year-old with the conditions. "The javelin did not fly in he right direction. But that happens," said the German Champion.

Till Wöschler with a sign

In the men's javelin event Till Wöschler pushed the focus on himself. The former U20 World and U23 European champion increased the stadium record and his seasonal best to 80.41m which puts him 5th in the German national top list. "My first 80m throw since 2011, that's only ok for now. But the qualification standard of 82.50m for the upcoming World Championships is my main goal," said Till after the competition. Till stopped the competition for safety reasons after the third round due to pain in the elbow.

Source: leichtathletik.de by Harald Koken