Throwholics just got the info that Anita Wlodarczyk threw a new hammer world record in Wroclaw!!! She improved her own WR to 79.83m (261' 11"). Anita threw the previous record at ISTAF in Berlin last year. 

It was an exceptional competition on Polish soil. The throws at the event "Rzuty przez odre", which was held for the second time, is going over the river "Oder". The official recognition of the world record is now up to the IAAF.

The Oder is little more than 40 meters wide where the throwing takes place. Everything has been carefully measured, so that competitions were held in accordance with the provisions of PZLA. It is not known just how records are considered in the world.

For this it needs the recommendation of the IAAF. Some official of the competition talked even about the case with Anita Wlodarczyk. "Well, if a record actually goes down, then we're wondering what to do next," said the organizer and member of the board several days ago.

The video:

We will provide more info as soon as we receive more.

Polish discus thrower Piotr Malachowski congratulated Anita right away!

Congratulations by the whole Throwholics Team

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