David Storl scratching at the 22m (72' 2¼")

At the Schönebecker SoleCup 2015 David Storl and Christina Schwanitz were once again on top of the podium. David Storl won the competition without anyone getting close to him. He tossed the 7.26kg ball close to the 22m mark with his best throw measured 21.94m. Christina Schwanitz won (20.36m) over Lijio Gong (20.24m)

World Champion David Storl is not pleased with the 21.94m toss from yesterdays competition. He must continue to wait to break the 22m mark and was not really happy with the competition, even though his best mark was 21.94m He tossed the 7.26kg ball only once further than that. David opened with a foul, continued with 21.76m and 21.94m. During his last attempt he achieved another great toss of 21.43m. Tobias Dahm placed second with 19.68m and Dennis Lewke (19.13m) placed third.

David Storl:

I tossed the ball couple of times close to my personal best but still not being able to break the 22m barrier. It's really annoying!! It still lacks some technicalities... I'm going back to Kienbaum, and will work on my maximum strength. My next competition is in Lausanne and I'm quite optimistic for the world championships. The US boys are always strong before the world championships. But at world championships there is a completely different atmosphere and tension. Everyone is then a bit nervous. I just like to start at world championships.

Christina Schwanitz beats Lijiao Gong

German shot putter Christina Schwanitz who is currently leading the world's top list with 20.77m won once again. Inspired by the world champion bronze medalist Lijio Gong, who achieved 20.24m, Christina tossed the 4kg ball to 20.36m. "That was a taste of what could happen at the world championships. The competition drives me. I do have even Valerie Adams in mind. When Valerie is going to compete I will also beat her," Christina said. "If you consider that I could not walk after my knee surgery last November, I'm amazed and reliefed how well it is going right now"

Christina Schwanitz:

Solecup Schoenebeck: Today I had a really nice competition and a class "Battle" with the Chinese Gong. I won the competition with 20.36. The Chinese is very good and became second with 20,24m. Thanks to the organizers, all officials and the fans and spectators for the great atmosphere and the cheering!

Source: leichtathletik.de by Silke Morrissey / Tammo Lotz