6 German Discus Women ready for Beijing!

Germany is well known as a throwing country but what happening right now with the German Discus women is impressive. We all knew that there were probably 4 throwers fighting for the 3 tickets for the upcoming World Championships in Beijing, China. Nadine Müller, Julia Fischer, Anna Rüh and even Shanice Craft everyone had in mind fighting for the tickets. Now there are two more who achieved the qualification standard of 61.50m! Claudine Vita and Kristin Pudenz

Six German discus throwers have now surpassed the World Championship qualification standard of 62m. At the German national championships in Nürnberg the decision for the three available tickets to Beijing will be made. "There's a showdown", confirmed Julia Fischer. "We are so close together, everyone of us can take one of the available spots," she said. Especially the top four throwers, Nadine Müller, Anna Rüh and Shanice Craft fighting with Julia Fischer for the tickets. Anna Rüh said: "That was a good series but it's still more in it than at the competition in Wiesbaden at which I threw 66.14m. The World Championships are the main reason for me training every day.

Yesterday at the "Schönebecker Sole Cup 2015" another discus throwers, Kristin Pudenz, achieved the qualification standard of 61.50m. This women discus event was quite impressive. Julia Fischer won the competition with strong 65.09m, followed by U23 throwers Anna Rüh 64.87m and Kristin Pudenz 62.61m. Only a few centimeters short was Shanice Craft with 62.48m. Germany has now six throwers above the qualification standard.

Anna Rüh 66.14m

Nadine Müller 65.30m

Julia Fischer 65.09m

Shanice Craft 63.22m

Kristin Pudenz 62.61m

Claudine Vita 62.31m

Shanice Craft states that this is not the end for her. Due to her hamstring during the pre-season preparation there is still room for improvement. "I'm still too fast and furious with my arm work," she realized. Before the German championships Shanice is planing two more training camps in Kienbaum. In between there is still the U23 European Championships in Tallinn. "There is more pressure than last year," she explained.

Source: leichtathletik.de by Silke Morrissey / Tammo Lotz