Zoltan Kovago back in the game with 67.39m

The last time Throwholics wrote about the Hungarian discus thrower Zoltan Kovago was short before the 2012 London Olympic Games. "Zoltan Kovago is the second Hungary Discus Thrower kicked out of Games !!!!". Back then Kovago did refuse to provide a drug sample for testing and was banned for 2 years right after that. Next to Zoltan Kovago also the other Hungarian Robert Fazekas was caught for the second time and banned immidiately. 

On Wednesday Zoltan Kovago produced 67,39m on home ground in Szombathely. With this distance he is now ranked 3rd in the 2015 top list behind Jason Dadz Morgan (68.19m) and Christoph Harting (67.93m). After his two year ban Zoltan Kovago came back in July 2014 with a season best of 65.82m. It seems he is back on track to throw some big distances which lets space for everyone making up an own mind if he is clean or not. Throwholics at leasts hopes that, so that there might be a fight possible at the upcoming World Championships. In 2015 Zoltan Kovago threw 65.64m in April and 64.37m on the 14th of June.