ISTAF hopes for Harting duel

At the Berlin ISTAF (September 6) the brothers Robert and Christoph Harting should compete against each other in the discus ring. At the press conference Robert left the question about his comeback open. The German television ZDF is planning once again a live broadcast.

Will Robert Harting be fit on time for the World Championships in Beijing, China (August 22 to 30)? This questions could not be answered with a sure yes by the Olympic Champion at the press conference. "It would be fatal to give the knee a date. It's like a soap opera. At the moment it is good, but the next week may also again be completely differen," said the 30-year-old, who work at the moment every day "to get back the power into my body." In September 2014 he had suffered a crciate ligament injury

The triple world champion had a discus in his hand again, so he will not forget how that feels. Robert Harting will only compete at the World Championships in Beijing if he is in good shape. And according to his own expectations as well as to those of the public, this means gold shape. "The next six or seven weeks will decide. Now I have to succeed every day. At throwback cannot happen due to the lack of time," says the athlete of the year.

Above all is still the season 2016. "I'm not going to jeopardise an Olympic Gold medal for a World Championship's one", explains Robert his roadmap. It can also be tantamount that for a healthy preparation for the Olympic Games a comeback in 2015 will not be happening. On the other hand, it may also be advantageous to drive up performance in the coming weeks to start toward Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) from a higher level of - a difficult balance.

Competing at the ISTAF still not decided

Of how this balance fails, also depends on whether Robert Harting can defend his "living room" at the ISTAF (September 6). There, the organizers are hoping for a duel with brother Christoph, who's personal best of 67.93m got him to the top discus throwers in the world.

Christoph does not see himself at eye level with Robert Harting. "He is triple world champion and Olympic champion. I can so far only point to two competitions with a relatively good performance," said the 25-year-old.

In a possible brother duel at the ISTAF Christoph Harting wants to go out of the ring as the winner - this is true but, as with any other competition and for a duel with any opponent. "My training is focused on it, to be the best. This also means that I want to beat any competitors, as a consequence, the same goes for my brother."

ZDF is planning live broadcast

With preparations for the ISTAF 12 full-time employees are working on it. The basic program: 15 competitions are definitely planned. In addition, however, other disciplines are included, depending on which athletes to excel at the World Championships. The ISTAF wants to present all German medalist again.

The concept "ISTAF 3.0" will be further developed. Fireworks and light show are again planned also to highlight top performance in the stadium. For the first time at a track and field event a LED band lining the complete stadium - not only to offer for sponsors an optimum platform, but also to inform the audience. The DLV supports and welcomes these developments. Event Director Frank Kowalski said: "Innovation is needed in athletics and the spectator develops a new claim."

Television, too, is convinced of the new features: The ZDF is planning a live broadcast of one hour and 45 minutes, announced Meeting Director Martin Seeber. The presale is going well: 30,000 tickets have already been sold - more than ever before at this time. The organizers are expecting for the first time since 2009 again with 60,000 spectators.

Source: by Jan-Henner Reitze