Focus On Athletes: Jacko Gill

Jacko Gill is the most incredible young athlete of the decade.  At the age of just 16, he managed to throw a new neighborhood record with 7.26kg shot -20.01 that is obviously a new World youth record.

The boy who is good at rewriting all the track and field record books again and again, has big goals to catch. Last year in 2010 he throw an unbelievable  23.86m with 5kg implement that was of course a new World youth record.

What can he do next? Does he have any resources left? These two are the most frequently asked questions when it becomes to Jacko. Probably there are many skeptics around who doubt he can continue his success in adult competitions. With his 95 kilograms of weight and 188cm of length he is the smallest and obviously the youngest professional shot putter in whole World. He believes he can  move on and develop  from his weak lifting marks: 3 x 190kg in squats, 8 x 133kg in bench and 3 x 90kg in snatch, as well as his poor technique. He says his biggest strength is his legs that have carried him to 3.30m in standing long jump and 88cm in vertical jump.

Coached by Didier Poppe, Gill has moved with three meter steps each year. The reason why Jacko got involved with a shot put was his parents who both were throwers back in the day. His first steps at the stadium were at the age of 7, three years later he had his first competition for his Athletics club.

"It was a lot of my parents influence that I started throwing so I guess I have them to thank! And there is a few reasons why I took such interest in throwing one being in  my first competition I was beaten by a girl and hated that, haha, still can't get over it! So I trained my butt off until I could beat her! Another reason was that it was  real good family time and I genuinely enjoy throwing and as long as I keep enjoying throwing I believe I will keep improving and be able to work as hard as I do."

Jacko is the biggest surprise in todays throwing events. Others sports he has  taken part include boxing, soccer, karate and basketball. His goals are higher than usually at this age.

"My goal is to reach the Qualifying for Korea WC's of 20.50m before August 15th and hopefully that will give me a top 30 position before the end of the year!"

He gave his first drug test at the age of 14 and believes he will  remain in the sport even after the age of 30.

"I hope I will be involved with sports! And if possible in a position were I can help others and pass my knowledge down."

Good luck to you Jacko!