"Dadz" Wakes the World With 68,19m (223' 8")

Zylstra: Big day today, 68,19m (223' 8"), at the Peak meet (Peak Performance Track Classic) in Pearl (Mississippi USA). How does it feel, Jason?
"Dadz" Morgan: Hey man, new Jamaican record and #1 throw in the world, it's a goooood feeling. I've worked so hard to get where I am and where I'm going. Thank you God.
For the past two weeks in practice I've been consistently throwing over 65-67m. I hurt my shoulder earlier this year– nobody really know about that–so it's been a battle. I'm to a point where I can get good weight work in, and be aggressive with my left-arm to block solid.
It been feeling better and no pain.  So I been practicing to be aggressive and attack my finish.
I had decent series today. 61m, 63m, 62m, 62m, 68m and 63m. I knw it was gonna be a good day when I warmed-up. When I dropped a stand throw about 52m and I was like, "Wow, today IS the day". Then I threw an easy warm-up about 65m.

Zylstra: So now what?
"Dadz" Morgan: Officially qualified to compete at the World Championships in Beijing and the Rio Olympic Games. I'm just gonna continue to work hard and better my technique and put it together for this summer and surprise the world.

Zylstra: Too late now to surprise anyone.
"Dadz" Morgan: Ha. I know what I can do. My struggles and challenges making me stronger each day. God knows how hard it is. Not having a sponsor and working a full-time job and have to try and coach myself daily. But hey, I'm Jason Morgan. I've already been thru the worse.To my family, fans and friends and well wishers. This one is for you. I am timeless!!

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  • Ehi, what's happening here ? As soon as the customary bunch of excuses for the lack of results (let's say talent . . .) from american discus throwers, coutesy of Mr. Young, have arrived, a full job working-no coach jamaican throws 68 ?
    Come on Jason . . .

  • Poor form. Throwing out accusations and insults "Anonymous".

    If would venture that if either of these men were German police officers they would be 70m throwers. What you call "lack of talent" I call "harsh reality". Also, the men live different lives . . . Young has a family that takes up much of his time, as it should.

    Feel free to comment but don't be a moron and sling mud while hiding behind a tree.

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