World Class Throwers hunt for Christoph Harting's WL in Turnov

Turnov's start field for the men's discus event is once again world class. The world class throwers are gathered together to hunt for Christoph Harting's world leading throw of 67.93m, thrown last weekend in Halle, Germany. Two time World Champion silver medalist Piotr Malachowski is the most known thrower who tries to snatch the WL.

All previous years the men's discus event was a guarantee for massive throws in Turnov. Today's edition is very special. It might surprise so many that the current Olympic, World and European Champion Robert Harting is not leading the world. Harting is still suffering from his surgery and currently following his rehab plan to get back on his feet. But the surname Harting is still on top of the world. But this time it is his "smaller", or rather younger brother Christoph. As of from now the world should remove the terms "younger/smaller" etc. while talking about Christoph Harting. He the good "replacement" for Robert Harting. 

The start field for today's competition:

Piotr Malachowski, Robert Urbanek, Gerd Kanter, Przemysław Czajkowski, Martin Wierig, David Wrobel, Igor Gondor

Martin Wierig:

Today is the new attack for the qualification standard of 65m for the upcoming World Championships in Beijing, China. In Wiesbaden I opened my season with 64.76m and followed in Halle with another 64.76m. I hope it works out today.

Robert Urbanek:

Well for me and Piotr it is going to be hard to throw very far, because we have a 23 hour trip from China with almost no sleep behind us. We will try to do our best and we also hope that the weather is going to be ok as there is some rain expected Today. Still we hope that everything will work out and we will have a nice competition with some good quality throws

David Wrobel:

The weather conditions are still good and we will see how it will be later today. It is supposed to rain later but fingers crossed it will not happen. Martin Wierig and me travelled together by car, 4 hours drive... But hopefully everything will work and so that I can improve my personal best and Wierig finally gets the qualification standard of 65m.