Happy Birthday Randy Barnes!

The world record holder in the men´s shot put Randy Barnes (USA) celebrates his 45th birthday today!  

Randy Barnes (USA), probably t he best shot putter in the history of man kind, started practicing shot put in high school. In 1985 he threw an impressive 20.36m with a prep shot (5.44kg).

After graduating from St. Albans High School in 1985, he attended Texas A&M University where he broke school records with an incredible 21.88m (7.26kg).

At only 20 years of age, he went to the Seoul Olympics in 1988 and finished on silver with 22.39m. He was beaten by East-Germany´s Ulf Timmermann who threw 22.47m. In 1989 he set a new world indoor record with a put of 22.66m. At the time, his indoor best was better than outdoor.

In 1990 Randy Barnes broke the outdoor world record with 23.12m. The previous best was set by Ulf Timmermann of East Germany with 23.06m. At the Olympic Games in 1996, Barnes won Gold with his final attempt put of 21.62m.

Randy Barnes world record 23.12m:

In training, Randy Barnes has thrown 24.08m:

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