Wrucky the Ruckus Maker

Throwholics did a follow up interview with the "Yowie" Julian Wruck after his great performance from last weekend. He won the 2015 Queensland Track Classic competition, as already mentioned in our latest article "Clash of the Yowies! w/ video".

Who do you currently train with?

I currently train alone. I feel more comfortable that way.

Do you see yourselves training together with Matthew Denny in the future?

Matt and I have a session together maybe once a month or so; whenever we happen to be in the same place at the same time. As for training together on a regular basis I'm not sure. I usually feel a bit more comfortable training on my own, but I'm definitely open to the possibility. It's good fun and creates a good atmosphere as Matt is so ambitious and improving incredibly fast, it's amazing to be in the presence of such an energetic aura.

Do you follow a technical model?What technique do you copy, if any?

I wouldn't say I follow any specific technical model, I pick up ideas from throwers and coaches here and there but I try new things all the time and don't adhere to any one method of throwing. I try to do whatever makes the discus go furthest at the time and place and condition that I am at.

What is your big goal for 2015?

My goal for 2015 was to throw 70 meters but given my results so far that doesn't look realistic. My focus right now is to just get back to feeling comfortable in my own skin again; to be able to walk into the discus ring and feel like I'm effectively moving the discus and getting a lot of energy out of my body and into the discus, which is a feeling I haven't achieved in a long time.

Are you planning to compete at the World Championships in Beijing, China?

I first plan on going to Europe to compete for a few months in the lead up to the world championships, perhaps then I can fly straight to Beijing to compete.

Do you do any coaching? 

I do a little bit of coaching, but I don't have a squad of athletes or anything serious. To be honest I'm not that good of a coach, I need to work on my communication skills.

I heard you both are attacking Benn Harradine's national record and are eager to break the 70m mark. How far in the future do you see that happening?

Me and Matt both want to throw 70 meters but it's really hard to tell when that will become a realistic goal. Back during the 2013 season, I felt as though 70 was a very real possibility if I threw well in the right conditions, and if I manage to recreate the feelings that I achieved on every throw during that season, then given my improved strength, speed and specific strength, 70 meters will come very quickly. Given that good technique can be very elusive, however, it might just take a while to find it again.

You mention the 2013 season, what changed during 2014 regarding the 70m goal?

I lost the feeling that I had during the 2013 season. Perhaps it was because I lost some weight and changed my body a bit, but I'm really not sure why. Every time I threw during the 2013 season I felt like my legs and hips turned my arm into a catapult, my timing, muscular tension and comfort in my technique were at an all time high, and for some reason, since the end of the 2013 season I have not been able to replicate that feeling.

For some people, myself especially, throwing is mood polarizing discipline. When you are throwing well and feel comfortable throwing, you are confident, you have a high self worth and you believe that any distance is possible. And when you are not throwing well, and do not feel comfortable throwing, particularly when it's for an extended period of time, you lose confidence in your throwing abilities and you start emanating negative thoughts and emotions.