Konrad Bukowiecki reflects on 2014

Polish thrower Konrad Bukowiecki (born 17 Mar 1997) reflects in his year.

It's time to draw conclusions. I did some incredible things throughout the entire year. I began with a world record and ended the season with another one. On 4th of January I reached 21,89m (71' 10") n Aleksandrów, Poland, beating the Indoor World record with the 5kg ball. Yesterday, I finished with an impressive throw of 24,24m (79' 6½"), hence improving 2,35m (7' 8½") within the year. The overall progression starting 2010 shows my passion and goals for the shot put. My progression with the 5kg ball:
2010:  11,32m (37' 1¾")
2011: 15,48m (50' 9½") ... +4,16m (+13' 7¾")
2012: 19,52m (64' 0½") ... +4,04m (+13' 3¼")
2013: 22,33m 73' 3¼") ... +2,81m (+9' 2¾")
2014: 24,24m (79' 6½") ... +1,91m (+6' 3¼")
In the four years - 12,92m (42' 4¾") progression.

Despite all that, I improved the indoor world record five times throughout the year: 22,24m, 22,41m, 22,93m, 22,95m 22,97m (72' 11¾", 73' 6¼",75' 3½", 75' 4½"). In addition, I threw the Polish Junior record with the 6kg ball (22,06m/ 72' 4½") and the Polish Junior Record in discus 1,5kg (66,52m/ 218' 3").

As for the trophies, in 2014 I won the Polish Junior Indoor Championships with the 5kg ball, the Polish Junior Championships with the 6kg ball. Furthermore, I won the European Youth Olympic Trials in Baku, Azerbaijan, and later on the 2nd Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China with 23,17m. Most importantly, I also won the U20 World Championships in Eugene, USA, outclassing my rivals with a phenomenal result of 22.06m (72' 4½") with the 6kg ball.

In addition, my season 2014 ended with me on the World Top List in shot put 5kg ball (24,24m/ 79' 6½"), 6kg ball (22,06m/72' 4½") and discus 1.5kg (66,52m/218' 3").

It was a year of success with incredible records and experiences. I won everything I could and set almost all records. The only one, which I did not get to break was the one by Jacko Gill who blasted the 5kg outdoors to 24,45m (80' 2¾").