Bukowiecki Smashes Indoor YWR 24,24m (79' 6½")

We interviewed Konrad Bukowiecki, the current Junior Olympic champion in the shot put. In 2013, finished fifth in the shot put during the Youth World Championships and won gold in the shot put and silver in discus throw at the 2013 European Youth Olympic Festival. In July 2014, Konrad became Junior World Champion in Eugene, USA, and in August of that year, he won gold at the Youth Olympic Games

Today at an indoor competition, Bukowiecki tossed the 5kg ball 24,24m (79' 6½"). With that achievement Bukowiecki is only 21cm short of the overall 5kg outdoor world record by Jacko Gill, tossed on December 11th, 2011.  

In the past few weeks Bukowiecki already underlined his amazing shape. He tossed the 5kg ball 22,93m, a week after 2,.97m and now raised his own indoor world record to unbelieveable 24.24m. Throwholics did a short interview with the shooting shot put star.

Did you expect to throw that far?

Yes, I expected to throw something about 24m, but I have something wierd with my throwing. In training, I have achieved results about 24-24.50m but in competition I couldn't achieve results above 23m.

Did you throw a metal ball or plastic shot put for your most recent record?

Of course metal ball. It is 120mm in diameter. I use a 125mm ball when throwing the 7.26kg senior implement.

Do you throw 4kg, 6kg or 7.26kg balls in training?

Yes, in training with 4kg ball, it was, as I remember, 4th July and the result was 25.33m,. With the 6kg ball, result from Eugene was better than results achieved in training. With 7,26kg I don't want to reveal my results, but I promise I will compete in January so we will see.

Did you rest for this meet to produce a great result?

No it was... Hmmm I don't know how to say it. I'm in hard training now, and I hope the higher form will come in February or in March

What's your goal for 2015?

My goal for 2015 is to win the Junior European Championships and to achieve results about 22,50m or maybe even further with the 6kg ball.

Is Rio 2016 already in your mind?

Rio 2016? Maybe, I hope so.

How did you start with the adventure sports?

I cannot really remember when I started with the sport myself. Sport has always played a role in my life. At first it was swimming and judo. But when it comes to athletics, then 2008 is the year to mention.

Your greatest sporting achievements?

World Junior Championship and gold at Youth Olympic Games.

Who is your greatest sporting rival?

Patrick Müller.

What are the benefits of the sport itself?

Especially the great journeys, as well as here or the US or Azerbaijan. I think one does not sit constantly at home, but instead has always something to do. Nothing stupid will came to your mind. And it will never get bored. And then, of course, the joy of the achieved medals.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I am hopeful to become as good as possible and be ranked as high as possible.

Why did you choose this discipline?

Because of my physical condition.

Who or what can motivate you especially?

In any case, my father, my mother. My brother and my friends from the club.

What special properties do you own?

I can already, after my first somewhat larger events, fully concentrate for the most important competition.

What are your hobbies?

I like to talk bad about politics.

Your favorite food?

I eat everything. Everything except beets.

What is the biggest adrenaline rush for you?

Before I get called up. Especially with such large events when I am called up for the ring and just do what I do best.

How do you think is it possible to motive young people to do sports?

Those trips around the globe should already be motivation enough. If I would not have done the shot put, I would never travel in my life to the United States, China or Azerbaijan. I came, I saw, I conquered

The video of the indoor world record will be shown in our social discussion board.

Konrad Bukowiecki 24.24m (5kg)

Konrad Bukowiecki 22,93m (5kg)


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