2015 Off-Season Training With: Robert Harting

Robert Harting (born 18 October 1984) is a German discus thrower. His former coach is Werner Goldmann and currently advised by Thorsen Schmidt. He is the current Olympic, World and European champion in the men's discus throw. Harting's personal best is 70,66m (231' 10") thrown in Turnov on 22nd May 2012.

To start, we begin to prepare the body for the stress with general preparation training such as conditional training and circles of different exercises. A refocus on the coordination has to be done and then the discus technique will be inserted more and more.

Basically, you can only improve when you reach a certain level. So you have, as said before, a general training to get the body ready for the required level to be able to have a major positive improvement. During winter time we are always in Berlin, Germany for training purposes. However, for special training weeks, we do training camps. Like for example if you make a lot of strength training, we are going to the BLZ Kienbaum, Germany, which is a special training facility for any kind of sport.

Usually, we only train within our training group with our new coach Thorsten Schmidt. The group consist of my girlfriend Julia Fischer and my younger brother Christoph Harting. Due to the low acceptance and resulting lack of support of track and field in Germany it is quite difficult to combine University or an apprenticeship with professional training. I personally have finished my studies very well and I am super happy of course. Now I have continous time for training.

Unfortunately, I've injured myself and so I cannot use the new advantage properly. For sure throwing is also during the winter training a major part. One starts with rhythmic approaches to learn the motion again and then eventually one has to be aware that you will not get too specific at this time of the year. The body has to be properly prepared for the upcoming training sessions.

One cannot call it much strength training. It is more a combination of freelatics and a lot of barbell exercises. It is essential to make the body in the first place controllable. Then one can focus on other things.

So for me, new plans are first taboo. I have to prepare myself for a good comeback. I have discovered that there are two to three new resources I have not used yet. But I'm not sure if I would be able to make use of these already next year. I'm working on a new discus and I'm hoping to get a head start with the help of technology. There is not much to say for me personally. The training year will be quite normal for Julia and Christoph but not usual for me at all. I have 2-3 plans to kick off my season and have a great season. However, I'm not sure yet if I will be able to realise these and will see more about it in spring. But I'm definitely have an ace up my sleeve and I want to see if this will work out or not.

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