2015 Off Season Coaching With: Greg Watson

Who do you coach?

I coach my college athletes at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas. I also coach Amanda Bingson.

Where do you train?

We train in Manhattan, ks.

What is the core of your off season training goals, Philosophy?

In the off season we are mostly focused on technical development of the competitive movement as well as the development of specific strength. General strength is also emphasized especially with the younger college kids but we are always working on developing specific strength that transfers to the competitive movement.

Do your athletes throw in the off season? If so, what is the goal of the throwing?

Absolutely, if we are training, we are throwing. No matter the time of year the goal of throwing is always to develop and refine technique. We use many different implement combinations of light and heavy to develop that. Every athletes nervous system responds differently to different training stimuli, so the goal is to determine which implements and exercise combinations work best for each individual athlete.

What weight lifting exercises do you focus on? Does that change during the competitive season?

Our exercises vary from program to program but you will always find a pull (clean or snatch or some variation of those). We also use many varieties of squats and single leg exercises as well as many types of upper body presses for the shot putters and discus throwers. Jav throwers will add a variety of pullovers as well. We also do a pretty good amount of twisting exercises as well as good mornings/ RDL's. The exercises don't change much during the competitive season although for some athletes I find that during peaking phases, shortening the range of motion on squats/bench and going to hang pulls as opposed to full is very beneficial.

Are you going to try anything new this off season?

As a whole for my collegiate athletes I have pushed a little more general strength this off season than in the past. I still feel that the special strength exercises have the best transfer to the competitive movement but most of the kids are moving more weight in the weight room than they ever have. I think it will be positive for the competitive season. As for Amanda, we are focused a little more this year on trying to get her heavy hammers to go further. She has some pretty impressive numbers with the light ones but the heavy ones don't match that so I think in order for her to approach 80m with the 4k, her special strength needs to develop more than ever. So I have changed her ratio and volume of light to heavy a little this off season.

Are you using any new equipment?


Is there anything you would like to do but cannot?

At K-State we have just about everything we need in order to train the way we need to. About a month ago I would have told you we need an inside area where we could throw hammer jav and discus during the winter months but we were fortunate enough to get that completed and it has been great for the athletes training. Being a collegiate coach, we have to stay at home to train. Amanda is training now in San Marcos, tx. The weather there is pretty mild during the winter months. The collegiate athletes just had their first competition for the season last weekend. We will pick up again after their break on January 17. Then it's pretty regular at least every other weekend until outdoor NCAA's in June. Amanda will compete at Millrose games and then at Nationals for Indoor. We haven't finalized her outdoor season yet but she will most likely begin late April or early May.

What do you do to relax?

If I am not coaching I am spending time with my family. My wife and I have 2 boys, 2 years old and 6mos old so we are pretty busy! No vacations planned at the moment, although my wife says I go on vacation every weekend I go to a track meet!

What do you do for your own fitness and health?

Is N/A a valid answer here? Lol. Not enough that's for sure. I like food and since college haven't been consistent with exercising, it's a bad combination. I am really going to try and find the time to do that this year. I said that last year too!! Hopefully it's true this time.

What are your goals for 2015 and 2016?

I have many, but at the top of my list are to make sure that my boys stay happy and healthy and to be the best father and role model that I can be to them. I am away from them a lot with my job so making sure that my time with them is quality is a goal. I need to just turn my phone off or leave it in another room more often. Professionally, I just want the athletes that I train to accomplish whatever goals they have set for themselves. I try to set the bar pretty high for my group and know that I am partially responsible for their success so it's important to me that they accomplish what they want. Thanks Norm!