"Halplus Werfertage 2014" best special meeting world wide

The statistics portal all-athletics.com published at the end of the outdoor season again a ranking of the best meetings in the world. At the top of the special meetings: The "Halplus Werfertage 2014". 

The meeting ranking is based on points for the level on results and points for the quality of athletes fields. An extra bonus will be added for world records. In this respect, the meeting organizers have demonstrated a good hand for picking the athletes.

On top of the special meetings in 2014, in which only selected events are on the program, are the "Halplus Werfertage", especially due to the outstanding field of competitors. Almost everyone who has a name in the throwing world was part of the incredible event in Halle, Germany. The best field was the men's discus event with 12 throwers with a personal best above 65m. Among the Olympic-, World- and European Champion Robert Harting and Piotr Malachowski the complete discus elite did compete at the event. Hammer World Champion Pavel Fajdek (Poland) and Shot Put Vice World Champion Christina Schwanitz are other big names on the list of competitors.

This is of course a great success for the organization team of the thrower days and a recognition of the achievements that have been accomplished. It is also an incentive for next year. 2015, the HALPLUS-throwers days on 16th/17th of May 2015. Throwholics encourages everyone who has the chance to see this spectacular event to check it out!

Website: http://www.hallesche-werfertage.de/

Source: leichtathletik.de by Silke Morrissey