2015 Off-Season Training With: Orazio Cremona

Orazio Cremona (born 1 July 1989 in Johannesburg) is a South African athlete specialising in the shot put. He finished seventh at the 2014 World Indoor Championships. His personal bests in the event are 20.63 metres outdoors (Port Elizabeth 2014) and 20.49m (67' 2¾") indoors (Sopot 2014).

What do you need to work on, improve?

I definitely need to improve on an overall level, strength, speed and technique. I will put alot of focus on speed and technique.

Where will you be living this winter?

Well for me its not winter:) i will be based in Johannesburg and Pretoria which is summer for us. Most of the European guys come over here to train. I know Harting trains in Pretoria for a couple of weeks a year.

Who are you training with?

I will train with my technical coach Dup de Preez and also my strength and conditioning coach Joshua capazorio.

Are you throwing in the off-season in practice?

I will be throwing a bit, but i really want to focus on drills so i can get my technique better.

What weight lifting exercises will you do?

I will be doing alot of squats, pressing exercises, and olympic lifts for speed. also will be trying to improve my deadlift.

Do you see your coach much?

I see my technical coach 3 times a week and my strength coach about 3-4 times a week.

Are you going to try anything new this off-season? If so, what?

I am really going to focus on my strength and technique this off season. Previously I was very focused on fitness and conditioning, but since i already qualified for world championships i can pin point my training much better.

What will you do to relax? Vacation planned?

To relax, i really enjoy clay target shooting and relaxing with my family. i am very close to them. i wont take a vacation, i was away three months in Europe this year for the shot so i am not interested in travelling lol. i will probably take one or two days off on Christmas and news years to carbo load;)

When do you plan to compete again?

I will probably compete again in feburary for my provincial championships. i dont want to compete too much next year. i will be choosing my competitions very carefully in build up to the world championships.