2015 Off-Season Training With: Tavis Bailey

Tavis Bailey (born January 6, 1992) is a discus and weight thrower and drops the shot also. 

Personal Bests:

Shot Put: 62-8/19.10m (2014)
Weight Throw: 65-7/19.99m (2014)

Discus: 211-7/64.51m (2014)
Shot Put: 63-3.5/19.29m (2014)

I'm still in college. I am a 5th year senior. Throwing shot discus and weight. I really spend the fall trying to iron out some imperfections and improve my connection within my events. My coach is John Newell and we have a great throws group at UT. My training partner is Matthew Hoty and we discuss alot of things about throwing and training and our practices.

In the discus I have been working to improve my connection and radius. I want to be able to throw 62 plus meters in the spring with minimal energy on any throw. Coach Newell and I have been talking alot about engaging the discus throughout the entire throw and not just the finish. With more reps and just working on staying connected to the discus I will be able to use my strength level in a long pull.

Last year in the shot was really the first year that I knew what I was doing. So this fall I have a good deal I can improve on. I have been working to stay connected to the shot put as well. I have been working to keep my right side turning instead of just shift and pushing on the ball.

After NACAC I took the rest of august off and started doing some running and conditioning on my own in September. My biggest goal is to represent the USA and compete at the world championship meet.

With the lifting we did alot of volume. sets of 15 and ten just be sure that I was in shape to handle some of the longer practices. So if I tried anything new it would be taking the break from training in September and August. Also some of the concepts that I am working on to improve my throw are less position based and more feeling or general concepts.

To relax I don't do much special. I have blackout curtains in my room so I just kinda lay around on my down time watching netflix or playing playstation. But being a grad student I have homework and group meets to attend pretty regularly. But the general philosophy of my fall is to get in great physical shape and clean things up in my throw so I can use my strength levels and explosiveness to be consistent and throw big when it matters. But coach newell writes all of my lifting, running and specific strength work so I don't have to worry about that too much.

As far as favorite exercises I love Olympic lifting I have really good Olympic lifts and we do them very regularly. The snatch is my favorite lift.

I'm not sure when I compete again but it may be in December or just in January. Working with some of our younger guys on some basic mechanics really helps me stay grounded on my mechanics. We have two new discus throwers.