2015 Off-Season Training With: Omar El Ghazaly

Omar Ahmed El Ghazaly (born 9 February 1984) is a Cairo born Olympic discus thrower. His Egyptian record from 2007 stands at 66.58m (218'5") thrown in Helsingborg, Sweden.

My coach is Emad Fayez and our training facility is the Gezira Sporting club. Egyptians only need a B standard in order to qualify for international championships. Emad Fayez is my coach for about 16 years now and we developed a some kind of father son relationship. He is definitely more than just a coach to me.

What do you need to work on, improve?

I need to improve my technique, From power position to the release.

Where will you be living this winter?

I will be living in Cairo, Egypt Gods Will.

Who are you training with?

I do train alone.

Are you throwing in the off-season in practice?

I dont, I start with physical preparation and throwing drills,then i start throwing later.

What weight lifting exercises will you do?

Squats,Cleans and bench press.

Who will you train with? Do you see your coach much?

I see my Egyptian coach Once a week, otherwise i am on my own.

Are you going to try anything new this off-season? If so, what?

This off season is different as i am starting over after 2 years off. My volume will be medium and intensity low. Next year i Shall raise both in off season.

What will you do to relax? Vacation planned?

I already relaxed for long, no vacation planned for now.

When do you plan to compete again?

I plan to compete in spring 2015 Gods Will.

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