Amazing 69.99 by Sandra Perković

Sandra Perković (CRO), who turns 21 in couple of weeks, threw an unbelievable 69.99m at the Croatian Cup in Varazdin (05 June)! Nobody has thrown that far for 12 years!

Natalya Sadova (RUS) managed to throw 70.02m in 1999, since then nobody has thrown close to this. Perković was the leader of the world this year but now she is the SUPERIOR leader of the world! Her previous personal best stood on 67.96m.

Despite of her young age, Perković has already managed to grab two distinguished titles. She won at the European Junior Championships in 2009 (Novi-Sad) and a year later she grabbed Gold at the European Championships in Barcelona.

World record of the women´s discus is 76.80m, thrown by Gabriele Reinsch (GDR) in Neubrandenburg, 1988.