Welcome to the World of Throwholics

Greetings friends,

I'm Norm, managing editor of Throwholics.  I wish to welcome you to largest throwing community around. We hope to offer you the latest throwing related news, live results, videos, photos  and articles about throwing.

The idea came from Olympian  Omar El Ghazaly (discus PB 66.58, former junior world record holder from Egypt). His creativity helped to  put everything related to throwing into one website. He brought on German Florian van Dijke who has become the leader of this little group. Sean Denard (USA) and I joined in soon after

I want to thank all the people who helped us with Throwholics.    Toomas Tartes for the website design, Oleg Gurin for the logo and slides,  Märt Rang who was an  irreplaceable help in programming and of course all throwers around the world.

Fluat ventus ob vultum,

Norm Zylstra