Nadine Müller: "I remain the number one"

In response to this article: Shanice Craft shakes the German discus-throne

Nadine Müller, Germany's best discus thrower, recently had weaker results. In training Nadine always scolds about herself. Now there is also a German youngstar, Shanice Craft, sitting in her neck.

The discs do not really fly as she wants them to. It does not matter what Nadine does.... And she knows the reason exactly. She feels the technical deficiencies immediately. Sometimes the hips are not moving as they should be in interaction with the rest of the body and sometimes just lacking in pace. So Nadine grumbles after each of her training throws to herself, cursing herself...

Her complete black outfit - from sunglasses, her jersey and the shoes - somehow fit the verbal mongering. Her coach Rene Sack does not look quite so dark at those things. "

Rene Sack:
It's nothing serious, it's all about the processes that agree perfectly again in the future. The pace will come by itself.

Nadine Müller may not make a fuss about their dissatisfaction as well. "I'm always like that because I always want the optimum," she says, after the training session. It's not so wild. The ones who are ambitious cannot simply ignore the fact that it doesn't go as planned at the moment. And now it is time to counteract wih that unattractive trend. "I will go back to training for another 14 days straight. I missed that", said Müller. Nadine was heading from competition to competition and her shape and technique somehow suffered. 

From 67m to 62m

One month ago Nadine threw the 1kg implement 67,30m in front of her home crowd in Halle, Germany. So she still leads the German top list. Then she traveled to the Diamond League meeting in Eugene (USA), placed there in fourth with 64.37m. It was not so bad actually but her luggage had been lost. But for the first time ever she was beaten by the youngstar Shanice Craft who threw a new personal best of 65,38m. After a chaotic return due to flight delays and 36 hours without sleeping she arrived stressed in Germany. The competition in Rehlingen, Germany was not good either. Müller lost once again aginst Shanice Craft. Couple of days later at the Diamond League meeting in Oslo, Norway the discus landed after 62,73m already.

However, the bad form does not worry Nadine Müller. "If I could do only 58m, then I should be worried", says the German. And since she knows the causes of the last weaker series - travel stress, little training - she knows of course, how to overcome these issues."I really need to train hard again and I like it when I still endure muscle pain right before a competition."

But there's the rival Shanice Craft, who is just to take over the German crowne in discus throwing. "She's top fit and in a great shape", said Rene Sack. Craft has solved her problems with her adductors and is ready to rumble. Nadine Müller is combative and even though she lost the last two competitions against Craft she is not worried. "She is good, but I'm still leading the top list. And I'm not planning on giving up that spot. I'm and always will be the German number one in discus throwing." said Müller.

Luggage is lost

Despite the additional burden loosing the luggage Müller still wants to take part in the competitions. "I Missed out last year through my injury so many meetings and now I want to be there", says Nadine. Now she got used to constantly loosing her luggage during flights. Also on the way back from Oslo she lost her bag.

Source: Mitteldeutsche Zeitung by CHRISTOPH KARPE