Missouri Conquers Kansas

Chirstian Cantwell won the Kansas Street Meet with the best mark in the world of 21.36M. Returning from a serious elbow injury and late in his career Cantwell didn't hold back barely fouling some near 22m throws. Kurt Roberts was second with a near life time best of 21.23M while Reese Hoffa was third with a 20.96M toss.

There was a crowd of an estimated 2-3,000 spectators in downtown Kansas tonight, resting on the chalk bucket was a check for an exact $2,000 for any athlete that could break the meet record. Cantwell didn't even know in November if he would be able to ever throw again and today he takes home a great purse, a great ribeye dinner and some great confidence.

Cantwell showed emotion during his interview, and not his usual brass knuckle persona, but had to take a moment to center himself. This was a huge moment for him and for throwers everywhere. Great weather, great men and a great meet. This is what track and field needs all around America, herds of fans sitting on rooftops under the sun watching a dozen men throw cannonballs down the streets of a downtown biergarden and BBQ.

Ryan Whiting Finishes 4th with a 20.78 while 23 year old Tim Nedow hit a 20.72 to nearly break his lifetime best and finish 5th. Tim has been working with Canada's Russian Dr. B for the past year and his vanishing Michael Jordan Jump Shot Finish is starting to reflect that, once he becomes a master of his technique he may be one of the best rotationals in the world. Justin Rodhe finished 6th with a season best of 20.19 after suffering a 2 inch adductor tear the previous season. Cory Martin was 7th with a 20.17 and Zach Lloyd rounded out the meet with a 19.68M chuck.

Over the past several seasons the Kansas Street Meet has become a prime throwing venue in the world and it has nothing to do with its geographical location but rather the people that put it on, the people who attend and the people who come to compete at the meet. Take the time to do things right and right things come, meet directors across America; call Kansas and call the throwers and ask what they are doing and how you can bring something like this, in any event, to your area.

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  • Track and Field is beautiful, throws are beautiful, this Kansas exprerience should be imitaded.

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  • Great concept, never knew they did this...safety concern? I'd hate for someone to get hit on the fly by one of my throws. I'd feel terrible. They're right outside the sector ;( But great idea none-the-less, very gilded/turn-of-the-century, old-timey, lol... bring the circus right to the street. I hope that wasn't Tommy John Surgery, Chris :/

  • agree. shot put can be bought to the masses!. Be great to see some video

  • I believe there's some from the 2011 meet on YouTube, Sam. You'll see what I mean. The crowds are maybe 3ft from the sector lines. One Errant throw is all it takes. Almost had an accident like that happen about 15 yrs ago (HS), sector was clear, turned my back, let the throw go 20seconds later, sailed just over the head of this hurdler on the HS team. She said she felt it brush her hair. I was in such shock I ran up to her and started screaming and cussing her out. She had no idea how I would have felt if I crushed her brain-pan with a 60ft throw. But of course I was reprimanded. Peoples' stupidity never ceases to amaze me.

  • @Pascal you are a legend!

    @Odysseus using my trusty calculator you would be throwing at about 13 meters a second so not much reaction time! I agree it is really dangerous but I think it would be exciting to see it. At a normal track you cannot get that close to the action.
    this is safer but I imagine would be pretty good to be there

  • Barton Hall shot cage : ) this was taken at Cornell, my alma mater....there's Steve, very could shot putter. Who took this?

  • blagghh...could = 'good'...I hate that spellcheck on the iphone

  • They need some gliders at these meets

  • to show how superior rotational is! Gosh there are a lot of big throwers from the US now all hitting 21+.
    Can I ask @Justin RODHE or @Ryan Whiting were you scared that you would throw it into the crowd?

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