Hammer throw legend Romuald Klim died

The Olympic Champion Romuald Klim of Belarus passed away on 28 May. He was holder of the world record in the men´s hammer throw with a throw of 74.52m.

He was born in the Khoevo village, Minsk region on 25 May 1933. He competed at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, 1964, for USSR. He won Gold with 69.74m. He returned four year later to defend his title but finished on the silver medal position.

In 1985 he was awarded with the Order Of The Badge Of Honour which was the civilian award of the Soviet Union which was conferred on citizens of the USSR for outstanding achievements in production, scientific research and social, cultural and other forms of social activity, for promotion of economic, scientific, technological, cultural and other ties between the USSR and other countries and also for significant contribution to basic and applied research.

Rest in peace Romuald Klim!