Bundesleistungszentrum (German Indoor Throwing Facility)

German training center with inside-to-outside throwing areas for the long throws.

The "Bundesleistungszentrum Kienbaum" is one of the best training facilities in Germany. Unfortunately their website : http://www.kienbaum-sport.de/ is only available in German. It is a special place for athletes to focus only on preparation for the season. Its is unique place in Germany. It has complex training facilities and it is perfect for the following sports: athletics, gymnastics, canoeing, volleyball, judo, archery, triathlon, disabled sports, bobsleigh and skeleton races, speed skating, handball, basketball, soccer and manymore optimal training opportunities.

Especially the German throwers go their a couple of times throughout the entire year. World Record holder Jürgen Schult who is currently the natioanl head coach of all field events schedules several so called "team weeks" at Kienbaum. By this the national team for U18/U28/U23 and the elite athletes get together couple of times a year. The athletes and coaches are both invited to join and to train together. Hence, the coaches exchange their knowledge and help each other.

If you want to get more information about it, feel free to ask questions in our social discussion board. There are several coaches and athletes who have been at this training facility.  http://social.throwholics.com

The following pictures are taken from the "Wurfteam Potsdam" website. Those are from a training camp back in 2009.

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  • Hello, does this training camp provide coaching to improve throwing techniques? I am a discus thrower from the Philippines and I am interested to attend an advance discus throw training in Germany. I am preparing for the Asian Masters competition in December this year. I compete in the men’s 60-64 yr old category. I throw the discus in the 35 meter range. To get a placing in the games I need to be throwing in the 40 meter range. My standing throw is over 30 meters.
    Can you help? I willing to travel there to receive the training. Thanks in advance.

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