Whiting Ups Storl with 21,37m (70' 1½") WL

Ryan Whiting took the world lead from Storl with a toss of 21,37m at a competition held in Bydgoszcz , Poland. The indoor World Champion Whiting did not get into the competition easily. He started off with only 19,05m which was only the third place after round 1. He continued with a massive toss to 20,90m in the second round. Olympic Champion Tomasz Majewski 20,05m and Tomas Stanek 20,12m also placed the 7.26kg ball over the 20m mark. The best shots by Whiting happened during the 5th and 6th round. During the 5th round throw he grabbed the current WL of Whiting with a toss of 21,37m. He would have also taken the WL with his 6th round throw of 21,29m. During the 6th round Whiting had his best toss of 20,36m Tomasz Stanek did not improve any further after his 2nd round throw.

Ryan Whiting and Tomasz Majewski are both competing at the meeting in Karlsruhe, Germany against the World Champion David Storl. This will be the first clash of titans before the Indoor World Championships in Poland.

Frankly, the big boys are knocking-heads and paying a few bills as they get ready to throwdown in Sopot. I cannot imagine Majewski is going to let the North Americans or Germans come into his house and bring home gold with anything less that 21,80m. The two time Olympic Champion knows when it counts.

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1    Ryan Whiting    USA    24 Nov 86    21.37              SB WL
19.05 20.90 X 20.16 21.37 21.29
2    Tomasz Majewski    POL    30 Aug 81    20.36
19.86 20.05 20.05 19.97 20.14 20.36
3    Tomáš Staněk    CZE    13 Jun 91    20.12
X X 20.12 19.67 19.99 X
4    Georgi Ivanov    BUL    13 Mar 85    19.73
19.33 X X X 19.73 X
5    Maksim Sidorov    RUS    11 May 86    19.29
X 18.74 19.29 X X 19.05
6    Jakub Szyszkowski    POL    21 Aug 91    19.16
17.78 19.16 X X 18.93 19.06
7    Rafał Kownatke    POL    24 Mar 85    18.97
18.38 18.51 X 18.76 18.76 18.97
8    Pavel Lyzhyn    BLR    24 Mar 81    18.84
X 18.05 18.84 X X 18.51

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