World Champion David Storl chasing Berlin shoplifters

Shot putter David Storl, who defended his world title this year, is quite a star in track and field stadiums but is hardly recognized by anyone while being a police officer at the Berlin train station.

David Storl, the current shot put World Champion, is a full time shot putter(professional) but in order to be able to finance everything he is doing a apprenticeship at the federal police. Germany has several systems to support professional athletes and David chose the federal police over the army for example. Part of his apprenticeship is to work as a federal officer for couple of weeks a year.

While working as a federal officer David gets to know the other side of the story to be a track and field athelete and not a soccer player. Even though he was quite often in the media not everyone recognises him on the streets under the uniform.

During the internship at the federal police he encountered shop lifters, criminal assaults  and other daily routine actions. Due to the workload as a federal officere David was not very often in the gym to prepare for the next season which had a posisitve side effect. All his minor injuries have been cured and he is now ready to start training again. "I'm free of complaints and the pain is gone totally", said David Storl. He is ready to rumble at the next Indoor World Championships in Sopot, Poland from the 7th until the 9th of march 2014.

Throwholics wishes him and all the other throwers all the best for the preparation phase!