Throws Innovation № 6: Social Media

To begin, a look back at throws innovations 7-10:

Throws Innovation № 10: The Modern Discus Technique

Throws Innovation № 9: Women Being Included in the Throws Events

Throws Innovation № 8: Athlete Funding

Throws Innovation № 7: The War on Drugs

At first glance, this innovation may seem like I have run out of ideas. Is social media really one of the top innovations to Track and Field Throws Events?! I will argue yes, as social media has allowed for vast information sharing between athletes and coaches. As throwers, we participate in some of the less popular track and field events (compared to distance running or sprints). Due to this fact, it is that much harder to find coaching, resources and places to train. This puts us at a significant disadvantage when it comes to training for our sport.

Social media has allowed throwers around the world to connect and share ideas. Many of the top throwers can now be found on twitter, or have blogs that we can follow. Furthermore, Youtube allows us to watch thousands of throwers (from beginners to perennial champions) training. Without social media, a thrower in a community with no throws coach would be stuck; there would be no affordable way to discover the information needed for proper training. Conversely, with the vast amount of information now available through social media, the geographically isolated throwers can sift through thousands of articles and obtain as much information as they would like.

Of course, there are some downsides to this method of information sharing. Young throwers may look at the training of top throwers, and attempt to copy their training exactly. This is a bad idea, which will most certainly lead to overtraining and discouragement for the young athlete. Furthermore, some posted information may be unreliable in terms of improving performance for most throwers. Again, trying to emulate these points may cause issues in the young thrower’s progression. Despite these facts, it is better to have access to information, than to be stuck in isolation and not exposed to the vast amount of help available from the great community of throwers. For this reason, social media is the number 6 innovation in track and field throws.

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  • And for young athletes. What training is the best and in where websites I can found information and trainings about the trainings I have 19 now now I am a 16lbs for the first year but I Want to learn more and more about the hammer throw especially. Thanks

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