Secret of success revealed! Seppo Räty: We were all drunk at Finland-Sweden International

Legendary javelin thrower Seppo Räty recalled his performance at Finnkampen (a dual between Finland-Sweden, also known as Swerigekampen) where he was drunk during the competition and gulped more between attempts.

"Finnish javeliners didn´t focus on match with Swedes, we took it with humor," Räty reminded.

The last time a Swedish thrower won the competition was back in 1989 when Peter Borglund threw the new Swedish record of 84.76m.

"It was really this one time when I was sober during Finnkampen… He was really prepared for this competition…Later I even coaxed Kimmo Kimmonen to drink during the meets. There was no sober Finnish javelin thrower in our best days. We still took double or triple victories," Räty explained.

While in the process of winning the 1987 World Championships, Raty was the subject of an often repeated video of failure. Raty tripped on the runway, his javelin throw sticking in the runway about 30 cm short of the foul line. While an embarrassing throw for negative gain, in fact since he had not crossed the line it did not even count as a foul.