Harting Protests Against Discrimination of Throwers

Many of world´s best discus throwers gathered yesterday in Stockholm to participate at the Diamond League meet, Germany´s Robert Harting boycotted the meet due to a long standing discrimination of throwers.  Throwers seem to be especially bothered by Diamond League organizers. Kathrin Klaas wrote a great post describing the situation in light of hammer throwing. You can click links below to have a look:


Robert Harting  has criticized organizers because they put special highlight on running events leaving field events without attention. Field events are always scheduled in early stage of competitions getting little or no attention. If you are interested in throwing you know what we mean if you have watched track and field events from television.

"Dear Organizer, I would have liked to throw discus at your competition. Unfortunately, throwers are often pushed away," Harting wrote. "Discus throwing is being tolerated, but not really supported. You have not taken my arguments in consideration. Dopers are always invited, they are also being paid higher fees. I apologize for the fans, I don´t stand the current situation."

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