Kanter takes 50 000€, Harting a bag of chocolate

Diamond League meet in Zürich was held yesterday. It was a final for discus throwers and turned out as surprise.

Gerd Kanter won with his best this year 67.02m and jackpotted to 50000$.  Robert Harting was second with 66.83m. "I am not angry, at least my bag is full on chocolate" he said.

Kanter was obviously happy: "I got my time off after Moscow and focused on training. I expected something like that, it was a positive surprise for everybody."

Ehsan Hadadi was third with 66.03m.

... 4. Martin Wierig 65.51m
5. Erik Cadée 63.81m
6. Robert Urbanek 63.78m

1. Gerd Kanter 16 points, 2. Piotr Malachowski (POL) 14, 3. Robert Harting (GER) 12, 4. Ehsan Hadadi (IRI) 9, 5. Martin Wierig (GER) 3, 6. Robert Urbanek (POL) 2.

Congratulations to Gerd Kanter.

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