Stone Cold - The Fortitude of derHarting

We've all been there, or been around throwers who have... they give a variety of worn out reasons for pissing their pants at the championship competition.

derHarting showed us all how to be stone cold... removed from distractions, above the noise, single-minded with one goal... perform.

World class athletes have many of the same bumps in life we all do; and Moscow, like London was for Val Adams, was a bit of a clustermuck for derHarting. His grocery list of distractions:

1.) Gets smacked in the mouth by Malachowski in Hengelo and the streak ends.
      Harting defeated by Malachowski’s massive WL 71,84m

2.) A *close friend throws a touch over 60m and did not  go through to the final a mere 48 hours before he's in the ring for qualifying.

3.) Training partner and brother Christoph misses finals by one place; his 62.28m just short of eventual 5th place Victor Hogan's 62.45m 12th place qualifier.

4.) IAAF did not allow him to use the brand discus always does... more on that as information becomes available.

5.) Back issues so severe that he passes his 5th round throw to keep some fuel in the tank in case he has to respond to a 6th round bomb out of Estonia or Poland.

How does derHarting respond to issues that would make many of us crumble... with gold. We at Throwholics will do what we can to find the making of his methods.

*note: we don't gossip (much).