Videos: Kanter won in Tartu, BIGBANK Kuldliiga

The regining Olympic champion Gerd Kanter won at the BIGBANK Kuldliiga meet in Tartu. He threw 2 times over 66 meters - 66.06 m and 66.03 m .

The reigning African champion Omar El-Ghazaly of Egypt was 2nd with 62.70 m . He had technically a very bad day so from that point of view 62.70 m is good.  Martin Kupper got 3rd with 57.53 m.

Priidu Niit came close to Kupper in his last attempt which landed on 57.00 m. At the end he still finished 4th.

Estonian young  discus talent Artjom Nikitin had a rough day with 54.28 m. His lifetime best with discus stands on 61.87 m.  Another talent Ats Kiisa was 6th with 49.35 m which is less than a meter shorter than his lifetime best of 50.17 m.

[caption id="attachment_1984" align="aligncenter" width="600"] From left: Judge, Gerd Kanter, Omar El-Ghazaly, Priidu Niit, Martin Kupper, Artjom Nikitin, Ats Kiisa[/caption]