Men UK Javelin Update - 20th May 2013

Javelin 2013 UK Update - Men

As an update to my posting last week regarding the current position of the men’s javelin rankings in the UK this year, the Loughborough International competition took place and it was a very tight fought battle between some very good athletes.
Coach David Parker once again staked his place as one of the best young Javelin coaches in the UK at present. Still only 33 his experience in the sport is phenomenal, both throwing and coaching at national levels. The Loughborough international this weekend (19th May) saw 4 of his athletes compete in the men’s javelin throw. Four of the top 8 throwers are coached by David, including the top two in the event.
Benji Pearson threw a seasons best of 69.52m (228' 1") in his first competition of the year, less than 1m (3' 3") behind his lifetime best of 70.44m (231' 1"). At only 18 years of age I can see a great throwing career ahead of him as long as he remains injury free and under the watchful eye of David Parker.
One of the names to look out for mentioned in my previous post won the competition. Lee Doran in his first competition of 2013 threw an impressive 74.23m (243' 6"). Although 5m below his personal best I believe this to be a solid start to the season and something he and his coach Parker, can improve on in the run up to the World Championships.
Lee was the clear winner in the event, however, it was a tight battle for second, third and fourth with only 3m covering these three positions. The standard of throwing may not be quite as it was in Steve Backley’s day, but we have some very good throwers and tight competitions that are drawing in the crowds.

Harry Pugh

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  • Athletes go to David Parker when they are at university, someone has already done all the hard work, he sticks them in the gym lifting and then they get injured, such a shame.

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