UK Javelin Review 2013

UK Javelin Throwers 2013 season to date.

Here in the UK we have seen some fantastic performances by up and coming athletes, with no fewer than six PB’s in the top 13 throwers to start the year off.

Joe Dunderdale threw an impressive 73.01m (239' 6") in March just 2m (6' 6") short of his lifetime best. Joe is still only 20 and coached by a great UK thrower, David Parker. I believe Joe still as more in him this season and could see his PB increased if he carries on the good work he did during the winter.

However, it was Neil Crossley who has impressed me at this time; a PB earlier this month at 73.41m (240' 10") and the backing of a great coach, Tom Dobbing has seen this 25 year old multi eventer go from strength to strength. His best throw to date come whilst on the way to winning the British University Championships in Bedford.

So the top two distances this year in the UK standing just under the 75m (246') mark. We have 5 throwers who have thrown over 70m (229' 7") but still no one has reached the World Championship qualifying mark set in accordance with the IAAF. We have to take into account, three of the top four throwers in 2012, including the top two, Mervyn Luckwell (coached by Esa Ultriainen and a PB 83.52m (274') set in 2011) and Lee Doran (Coached by David Parker with a PB of 79.72m (261' 6") set in 2012) have still not competed in 2013. In my opinion these four throwers combined with Daniel Pembroke, who has also not competed in 2013 (but thrown over 75m (246') in 2012), and with all due respect to other throwers (please please prove me wrong) I can’t see anyone else challenging the standards set.

I’m looking forward to a very competitive year in 2013 for the javelin in the UK (as well as worldwide) and would expect the A standard (83.50m (273 '11")) to be within at least Mervyns’ reach. Lee has the potential to throw big and with a coach like David Parker he has all the tools to reach if not the A standard then the B standard of 81m (265' 8"). It is with great anticipation to see the rankings on the 29th July (cut off for the standards to be met) and to see who makes the grade worldwide.

What are you opinions on selections, not just in the UK but where you live and the wider javelin community? Do you think the standards are set at the right distances? Who are you tipping at this very early stage to perform well in 2013?

By Harry Pugh